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This year my work is to find sweetness.

I have watched my children grow and I am have enjoyed experiencing of how SWEET they are. I have learned much from them and their sweetness, love and deep consideration. I have been in special wonder of my daughter as I watch her grow amongst men (father,brothers and uncles) who love her deeply. I have been able to witness how a young lady develops from a little girl into a young woman with emotional confidence. I have never possessed emotional confidence. I was confident I could make it in this world alone which hindered…my sweetness and hindered my trust. But today, I know I am not alone. Today I am surrounded by men (and a lot of women) who love me deeply. So…today…I am going to feel safe enough…to be…sweet.

I wish you all the joys of experiencing sweetness and as well as the joys of BEING…sweet.

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